Dating Coach



My mother kicked me out of Detroit to find an orthodox Jewish man in New York city back in the early 70’s. There I met Mrs. Else Bendheim who got me started with matchmaking. She would finance the singles parties and I would invite the people. At one of her parties I realized I had a good sense of who matches with who. I met this girl at the party for one second and looked at her and told her that she would be great for my friend Mark. She told me, that I was crazy cause I don’t even know her, but I prevailed and convinced her to go out with him. Six weeks later they were engaged.

That started my career. I was in dental school (yes I am a dentist) and I matched other couples there together. I then moved to

Pittsburgh with my husband and started our family B”H. I noticed in Pittsburgh that there was a very high rate of intermarriage, instead of hating it I decided to do something about it and my career really took off there.

I matched non-frum Jews to other non-frum Jews and from there went into the orthodox tract. That was 38 years ago and B”H I have made over 250 matches. I in fact have lost count. A few months ago I got a picture of a happy family, inside the note was a thank you card, “You made this happen”, I did not even recognize the people. I want to make it clear, I never make it happen, only Hashem does and sometimes he lets me be the messenger.